Pitch Perfect Presentations

There's a great presentation waiting to emerge from every inspiring idea. Microburst's methodology guides you from concept to final delivery. We'll bring your passion to life and help you engage and persuade any audience.



Before you can hope to persuade others, you must know your own unique story and value. We help you build a story that effectively frames your ideas.


Using your strategic storyboard as our guide, we create the specific messages for your purpose—whether that's a sales presentation, a pitch to investors, internal communications or whatever is needed.


Details in hand, we work to make your case clearly and effectively. Visually, with no death by bullet point.


The job isn't over once you have a killer set of slides or materials. Microburst can train and rehearse your presenters so that they deliver their message memorably. We'll even be on hand at events, if needed, to make last-minute changes or coordinate technical details.